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Looking for that perfect domain name? They are going fast as you may already know. Especially the .com,. net and .org extensions. Wise Source wants to invite new and past customers to consider using Wise Source for domain registrations and renewals. We can renew your domains even if they were originally registered through other registrars. In fact at $20 for a one year extension we can almost bet you it's much cheaper to do so. Contact us to arrange a renewal-transfer.

We have recently added a few extensions to our product line. .info and .biz as well as .cc. If you wish to register one of these extensions simply contact us. We can host just about any extension on any domain name as long as it falls in our Tos / Aup. Please use the navigation to the right to check your domain for record accuracy, renewal - expiration dates and of course to find one that is available for your new site.

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