Domain Name renewals

Please note that Wise Source does not automatically renew domain names, even if the domains were originally registered though us. It is the domain owners sole responsibility to keep track of the expiration dates listed on his or her domain records. Resellers who also purchase domains through Wise Source also must take care to keep track of expiration dates. Wise Source provides a global whois tool so you can lookup any domain for expiration / ownership purposes. There are many available on the internet for the same purpose of lookup.

It is also possible if you maintain admin contact on the current domain to renew-transfer registrar to Wise Source. Contact us for details. Please include your domain name in the email.

Please use the links below and bookmark them for later use. Please NOTE that full payment for domain registration and / or renewals is required BEFORE we will authorize the registration or renewal. if you are in a hurry and would like to make sure you acquire a particular domain name or renewal of a domain name please use the following checkout form AFTER you have filled out a standard order form.

Domain name new registrations and renewal procedure:

Step Number One:
Fill out a standard order form.

Step Number Two:
Decide if instant payment on your part may be a deciding factor in either obtaining an "available" domain name or if instant payment is needed to quickly renew a domain name that is about to expire OR has already expired. In either case we require payment up front. We can bill you via email invoice.. payable through PayPal (credit card) or by check. To make the process much quicker you may pre-pay through our PayPal payment link. Your payment along side your order will make things go much faster.

Get started with links below:
Wise Source Domain Name Whois Lookup Tool
(determine the expiration date's should be listed on your record)
Wise Source Universal Order Form (also for renewals)
(use this form so we can process it fast and so a record will be kept)
Instant Payment through our PayPal payment Gateway
(fast payment, fastest service for domain name related items)


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